You are in your final year and the placement scene in your college is pretty bleak. It is late in the night, you should have slept by now. But you are still up, doing what we all spent our college days (and nights) doing. You love coding, but all the jobs you have been eyeing either require a high percentage of marks or only accept students from Tier 1 and 2 colleges.

But why do a lot of companies go for students with a high percentage, or for students from good colleges even though there is little correlation between coding…

Let’s start by busting a myth. Architecture doesn’t necessarily mean a big design upfront

This was probably true in the waterfall days but not any more.

Large designs upfront or no designs at all. These are two extremes on the spectrum. The first one is dumb but the other one is probably dumber. We should start with just enough architecture design. How do we find out how much is enough?

As most things do, this depends on the use case. It depends on whether the application that you are building is for a,

  • Big enterprise
  • Startup with a new product
  • Or something in the middle

Another notable thing is that the design should be…

If you have been working in web development for any sizable period of time, chances are you have been asked to make sure that the application you are building is scalable. Building a web application that performs well at any scale is becoming a more common expectation of business owners around the world today.

But, what is scalability?

The word scalable is often (wrongly) used to mean that the application should work well (respectable response times) at a high load. In truth, that is a high performance application. You could throw a lot of resources at any (even a poorly…


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